25 March, 2019

Divyanka Tripathi overcomes her fear of heights to host Star Parivaar Awards 2018

Divyanka Tripathi, Star Parivaar Awards 2018,

This year’s StarPlus’ Star Parivaar Awards was a sight to behold with a bit of adventure and never before seen acts and performances. The brave-heart Divyanka Tripathi stepped out of her comfort zone to try her hand at something truly unique. Divyanka took up the challenge to host the awards on a giant wheel despite her phobia of heights.

No one would have guessed that Divyanka was scared of heights as she hosted the award night with confidence and a bright smile. It was not until later that she revealed her most dreaded fear. A source close to Divyanka revealed “Divyanka is extremely scared of heights, to such an extent that her legs start shaking and palms start sweating. When she was first told that she had to host the show on a giant wheel, she was both scared and excited. She has always been fascinated with a giant wheel and wanted to experience the ride one day.

So, when the opportunity knocked her door in an innovative way, she immediately said yes. Her fear caught up to her when she first climbed the giant wheel and blanked out for a second. All thanks to her co-host Zain Imam, who was very supportive and knowing her fear of heights kept reassuring her with small gestures now and then, which helped her host without a single glitch. It was kind of a mini adventure for her to host this year’s Star Parivaar Awards and she enjoyed every second of it. Hosting the awards pushed her a step forward to overcome her fear of heights.”

StarPlus’ Star Parivaar awards 2018 is definitely going to be a visual treat and the talented celebrities will be seen putting their best foot forward to entertain the viewers.

Watch Star Parivaar Awards 2018, on 4th November 2018 at 8:00PM, only on Starplus


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